Mobile video ads are becoming more and more apparent, not only with use in certain applications, but also on certain social media websites, as Facebook is currently exploring the medium for better use. But is this really the year of mobile video ads One person over at Tapjoy seems to think so.

Per Linkedin, Peter Dille, CMO for Tapjoy, explained in a detailed article, titled “Why 2015 is the year Mobile Video Ads Really Take Off,” just how effective this new medium is.

First off, he touched on how video is among the most impactful and user-friendly rewarded ad formats. “Rewarded ads — the type that effectively sponsor premium content or virtual currency for consumers — have become increasingly popular in mobile apps as freemium developers track how these ads drive increased long-term engagements in their apps,” he explained. “By offering non-paying customers ad-sponsored access to premium content, rewarded ads are a sure-fire approach to engagement for a large freemium customer base. And while all rewarded ads have this impact, videos are among the most popular type of rewarded ads because they are “low friction” for consumers to complete and are also entertaining for target audiences. Rewarded video ads are a great example of a win-win-win between advertisers, developers and consumers.”

He also explained that where to integrate video ads has become a more crucial tool for developers. “Not only is video more user-friendly than most other ad formats, but as developers become more sophisticated about when and where to integrate video into their apps, it is becoming more relevant to the in-app experience as well,” said Dille. “Video ads work best when they are integrated into the app in a seamless, non-intrusive way, and with solutions such as Tapjoy’s new Marketing Automation platform, developers are able to deliver videos at specific moments that provide the perfect context. Say a gamer lost her last ‘life’ in an action game but wanted to extend her gameplay. The developer could offer the user the chance to watch a quick video in order to earn an extra life. Another user might want to access a premium feature but won’t want to pay for it. He could watch a video or two and gain access to the locked content. The technology is now available to let developers deliver contextually relevant rewarded video ads at just the right moment, which helps them monetize more of their user base. It also enables brands to be seen as heroes for providing premium entertainment content without having to pay with hard-earned cash.”

Brands shifting their advertising dollars from one medium (television) to another (mobile) is also making a difference. He pointed out how consumers now spend more time using mobile devices than watching their favorite shows, a major shift on that front. Mobile is also a great place for high-value app installs to take off, thanks to the appeal of a certain trailer that plays during use of the device. “Game trailers not only show off an app’s gameplay in a far superior manner than banner or text ads, but also allow the viewer to make a more informed decision on whether or not the app suits their tastes,” he said. “With more app developers marketing their apps with trailer videos, the increased inventory and bid rates will lead to more revenue for app publishers promoting these types of trailer placements.”

More details on this report, which also cover the readiness of infrastructure and how certain marketers can get started on the front, can be found here.