Interbrand has released the list of the top 100 global brands for 2014, and, to no one’s surprise, Apple and Google have managed to slot themselves into the number one and two positions, worth $118 billion and $107 billion, respectively. The full list can be found here, but the top gaming, tech, and entertainment companies are as follows:

1: Apple, $118 billion, continues to lead the charge with new products such as the forthcoming Apple Watch and the new iPhone 6 models

2: Google, $107 billion, leads the charge with both its reliable search website and YouTube video service

5: Microsoft, $61 billion, continues to be a leader in the electronics market, and also leaves its mark with its Xbox One gaming console

15: Amazon, $29 billion, still making money thanks to its popular site, as well as devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Phone

28: eBay, $14 billion, leads the charge when it comes to online auction services

29: Facebook, $14 billion, has a huge audience of social media users and game players, even with certain changes to its design

52: Sony Japan Electronics, $8 billion, even with some lost momentum over the past few months, Sony continues to leave its mark with its PlayStation line-up

92: Fed-Ex, $4.4 billion, even with stiff competition from UPS, FedEx continues to be the most profitable of shipping companies worldwide, with only DHL, with $5 billion, ahead of it

100: Nintendo Japan Electronics, $4 billion, although it’s not dominating the industry anymore, Nintendo continue to hold decent earnings with its 3DS and Wii U systems

These are some interesting numbers, but they can always change come this time next year, especially if the holiday season has any say in terms of what brands are bought, or what usage of social media comes about. No doubt we’ll see plenty of these power players make a return next year.