Twitter is working hard to assure that its social audience remains not only constant, but growth-based, as it looks to expand its user base in a number of ways.

Re/code posted a number of stories indicating what the social site has in mind.

First up, Twitter has teamed up with the powerhouses at Google, which will allow content from the social site to appear through search results on the Google website. The results will now become much easier to find, should people be looking for a specific user or Tweet.

With this move, Twitter hopes to pick up its “logged out” audience, people who see tweets on a daily basis, even when they’re not signed into an account. Attempting to attract them could bring them back as a user and, thus, pick up user count.

Re/code also noted that the company has a new home page in the works, one that’s designed to attract those who are used to seeing Twitter’s layout, though they don’t have their own account set up.

The current home page, as it stands, doesn’t really offer much outside of viewing a minimal picture taken from one of the company’s accounts. With this new home page, however, Twitter hopes to attract visitors with a number of choices from categories like “General news sources” and “TV shows and stars,” thus making the site more attractive for newcomers. The page is currently in beta testing, but Twitter is likely to launch it soon.

Finally, Re/code talked about the company’s first time as a public company on the stock market, which produced less than stellar results. Still, that hasn’t stopped it from trying to prove to the market that it indeed belongs there, as a safe bet for investors.

Twitter is set to report a six cents per share profit of $453 million, according to analysts, and it can use that to its advantage when it comes to showing its strength in the social media realm. In addition, it’ll talk about its large daily audience, and, according to the same analysts, the growth from 19 to 21 percent over the same quarter from the previous year. While that’s a slight downfall from the previous year’s 22 percent, it’s still considered growth.

Between its syndicated tweets program, Google page support, new home page and other ideas, Twitter is sure to find ways to bring new members of an audience to its site. Here’s hoping the tweets keep on coming in.