When it was decried that Facebook doesn’t matter as much to younger teens than it does for older millennials, it turns out it was very true. According to a new polling by NuVoodoo, teens are much less interested in Facebook than their older counterparts. So, what platforms matter most to them

YouTube, as it turns out, is their social platform of choice, followed by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr. Although Twitter and Vine are integrated, younger users prefer the video platform as opposed to the microblogging one, preferring the immediacy of video. This shows that younger users are most attuned to social platforms in which video is shared than anything else.

Separately, Tumblr is seeing rising popularity among younger users, with 23.8 percent of users on the platform as opposed to 15.6 percent of 18-34 year-olds. Pinterest, while user rates for teens are comparatively low, sees higher numbers in the 14-17 range than older users, showing that teens are more interested in the platform.

What this polling also shows is younger teens’ preference for mobile platforms is something to pay attention to. Snapchat, Vine and Instagram are all inherently mobile platforms and their index in usage is high.