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The Adman’s Version Of Lumps Of Coal

By | December 14, 2012 |

There’s not a lot of joy to the world in BBH New York’s holiday microsite¬†{link no longer active}. It’s mean. It exposes the worst of the ad industry. It’s downright hilarious.

The agency took reader comments from industry blogs AgencySpy, Ads of the World and Campaign Brief and turned them into Christmas cards.

The hook is that they’re some of the nastiest comments you’d imagine, coming from readers who found reason (and time and energy) to undercut their colleagues in the ad industry as creatively as possible.

What makes the whole thing funny is how the comments are presented. The site is visually Christmas cheer from frame to frame, and each comment is calmly read aloud while Christmas music plays in the background.

BBH New York wisely chose not to show the work being critiqued, though in some cases the nastiness extends to new hires at big agencies. It’s possible a little research could turn up who those comments were about.

In some ways creativity in the body is like steam. Sometimes it just needs to vent.