Deadpool 2 marketing is in full swing, utilizing the character’s trademark sense of humor with activities, contests, a music video and as always, a healthy dose of parodies.

Unlike most other comic book characters, Marvel’s Deadpool is self-aware. This meta approach to storytelling (and marketing) gives him free reign to talk about—and openly mock—just about anything he likes regardless of whether it exists inside the Marvel Universe.

In a video spot called “With Apologies to David Beckham,” Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) arrives at the home of the soccer star, begging for forgiveness for a wisecrack made about him in the first film.

Deadpool has a way of showing up where he’s least expected, like on 7-Eleven cups. The convenience store brand added Deadpool 2 AR to its loyalty app, scannable codes around its stores and a number of branded retail items ahead of the film’s release.

He also appears where he’s not necessary wanted, like this birthday message from Hugh Jackman.

The red-clad mercenary took to Google, answering pressing questions from users like how to meditate and whether you should text your ex.

“Absolutely,” replies Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in a video response. “I suggest you text every four seconds until you die alone.”

A Google+ Community called “Ask Deadpool” was also created, inviting members to ask the character questions about whatever they liked. Responses are given in the character of Wade Wilson, Deadpool’s not-so-secret identity.

Espolòn Tequila partnered with the film to offer a limited edition gift set that includes a Deadpool 2-themed bottle of tequila and flask. The official Espolòn social channels have been sharing crudely-modified ads that replace brand names with its own, a person’s face with Deadpool’s and product images with bottles of Espolòn tequila—supposedly created by Deadpool himself.

When Canada wasn’t invited to the annual Eurovision song contest, Deadpool produced a video in protest, claiming that the snub awakened a “sleeping moose” that will force him to tour Europe.

In April, the mercenary showed his softer side (kind of) with a campaign called “Fuck Cancer.” Those who donated through Omaze were entered to win a pink version of Deadpool’s suit.

Céline Dion recorded a song called “Ashes” for Deadpool 2 and filmed a music video that includes the mercenary dancing in stiletto heels.

Fans were invited to join “Deadpool Core,” a parody of the old Mickey Mouse Club that notifies fans of contests and new marketing materials. In April, the campaign launched with a coloring page that earned over $14,000 in earned media value over four days.

With the release date of Deadpool 2 only a few days away the marketing efforts are peaking just as early reviews hint the sequel may actually be better than the original film.