We’ve selected a rosé to match your creative persona with the expert help of our friends at Everson Royce in Pasadena, California. Perfect for a sensible toast after winning a Cannes Lions. Which are you?

The Originator


In the middle ages, an outpost was settled in the Côtes de Provence region of France to chill thirsty Crusaders with super-relaxing rosé. It was a great way to avoid dysentery. The output from Commanderie de Peyrassol continues to help wayfarers take it down a notch.

Everson Royce says: The reason rosé blew up on an international scale. A blend of Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah.

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The Wildcard

Major Wines

Major Wines is the passion project of Andrew Major, a central coast winemaker who was bitten by the rosé bug. He makes tiny batches of 100% Grenache rosé from the middle of California and should probably quit his day job.

Everson Royce says: Locally-sourced fruit, extremely limited batches.

AList Shares A Story In Three Acts

The Upstart

Angeleno Wine Company

It may not be middle-ages-old but ‘The Meadow’ from Jasper Dickson’s Angeleno Wine Company is a labor of love. After making wine in his home in Mt. Washington, Dickson set out to revive L.A.’s wine-making scene. Take a sip of a little blood, sweat and tears, and a lot of Graciano.

AList Shares A Story In Three Acts

Everson Royce says: Dickson built the first winery in L.A. in over a century.

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