Arby’s has enlisted the help of actor H. Jon Benjamin (Archer) to remind young consumers about its other menu items. Benjamin plays Arby’s “Head of Sandwiches” in a series of new spots launching September 9, using his famously sarcastic tone to complain about how people assume they only serve roast beef.

He blames the phenomenon on the giant signs that say, “Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich is Delicious” and experiences from childhood.

“Maybe it’s because the last time you went to Arby’s was with your grandparents who ate exclusively roast beef. Every meal. Somehow,” he quips.

The spots, dubbed “Arby’s: Core Sandwiches” calls attention to 17 other sandwich options available in its restaurants. In one video called “Looks Are Everything,” Benjamin’s character sarcastically points out that if Arby’s only serves roast beef, they offer a lot of odd-looking “roast beef” sandwiches, pointing to a Reuben, smoked brisket and a gyro.

When a voice-over recited Arby’s slogan, “We have the meats,” Benjamin quickly chimes in: “For sandwiches!”

According to the NPD Group, fast-casual dining is on an upward trajectory of five percent compared to 2017. Arby’s sarcastic ads are designed to attract guests between the ages of 18-24; the most popular age group for fast-casual.

Creative marketing helped Arby’s experience its most profitable year to date in 2016, bringing in $3.7 billion. Following its purchase of Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby’s is now a subsidiary of Inspire Brands which launched in February.

Under the helm of Inspire Brands CEO Paul Brown, Arby’s President Rob Lynch and Arby’s CMO Jim Taylor, the 50-year-old brand has experienced a turnaround thanks to a tongue-in-cheek social persona and a few strategic partnerships. The social media team often engages with the video game community, crafting items out of Arby’s food packaging to commemorate launches or important events.

Last year, Arby’s sponsored English golfer Andrew “Beef” Johnson and presented a series of light-hearted videos for Skratch. The spots, “Boo vs. Beef,” features Johnson and fellow golfer Boo Weekly as they challenge each other to Connect Four and imitating each other’s accents.