Benefit is leveraging their top-selling brow products as the focus of their new campaign ‘Boss Brows,’ which features four unique women with one thing in common: activism.

Mama Caxx is a model, disability activist and an advocate for body positivity. Hayley Kiyoko, a singer and LGTBQ and human rights champion. Jen Gotch is the founder and CCO of gift and accessory brand and mental health advocate. Ericka Hart identifies a non-binary femme and is a breast cancer survivor, a sexuality educator and podcaster.

The campaign’s video begins with the words “There’s more to a brow,” each one fills in the sentence as the video goes on—a compilation of their thoughts into one. Hayley Kiyoko ends with “We show the world who is boss.”

Beyond the compilation video, each influencer stars in their own video sharing their story. The campaign reassures viewers to “raise their voice.”

The San Francisco-based brand’s brow line is extremely popular—they even have brow bars in malls and storefronts, offering various services such as brow waxing, threading and tinting placed next to their products.

“At a time where the beauty space is very noisy, there’s a lot of brands out there and a lot of conversations, it’s really important that we show who we are as a brand, and that people will align with that. … You’re going to see a lot of bold moves coming from Benefit,” said Erin Kramer, director of brand marketing for Benefit to Adweek.

The campaign has a new limited-edition set, which is also a collaboration with The post featuring the set already has over 8 thousand likes on Instagram and the video over 15,000 views.

For many years, Benefit has been working with charities like Look Good Feel Better and The Princess Project. In 2017, their Bold Is Beautiful initiative—where 100 percent of the proceeds from their brow wax services at Benefit Brow Bars are donated to local charities for women and girls—raised $4.7 million.