Father’s Day marketing for 2018 followed the tradition of heartfelt gratitude mixed with humor, but also reflected current views of what it means to be a dad. From heartfelt thank yous to silly jokes and favorite foods, these brands paid tribute to dads everywhere.

According to the National Retail Foundation, 77 percent of Americans planned on celebrating Father’s Day this year and to spend an average of $133 per person. The biggest spenders this year were between the ages of 25–34, who planned on spending an average of $188 per person.

With all the talk about gender equality and representation in marketing, it’s important not to forget dads. The portrayal of men as bumbling buffoons or lazy fathers will no longer fly. In fact, some brands are personally advocating to change marketing perceptions, as seen in this year’s holiday campaigns.

Dove Men + Care launched a campaign called “Dear Future Dads” that offers advice to parents-to-be while championing paternal leave in the US so both parents can bond with a new child.

Dads can give some great advice, so American Greetings put together a list of tips they received from their users. The spot illustrates each life tip with props and craft supplies, similar to the brand’s tribute to Mother’s Day.

Michelob Ultra celebrated not just fathers, but all father figures, whether they be a mentor, coach or step-dad. An emotional ad presented three father figures with letters of thanks from people whose lives they’ve touched.

Speaking of influencing children, Lagavulin partnered with “manly man” comedian Nick Offerman for an episode of “My Tales of Whiskey.” The Father’s Day spot shows both Offerman and his father going about their daily routine in much the same way, down to little gestures and facial expressions.

Modern dads are more emotionally involved and interactive than in previous generations, which allows them to make little moments special. Musician John Legend made up a silly song for when he changes diapers called “Stinky Booty,” which became the theme of a Father’s Day campaign for Pampers.

Fathers have a reputation for having fun with their kids by telling purposely bad jokes. The practice is so common and beloved that this type of humor has been dubbed a “dad joke.” WWE asked kids to share their favorite dad jokes for Father’s Day.

Dad’s can be cheesy, so Kraft took the idea quite literally. The brand offered a limited number of custom-made cheese sculptures of dear old dad, auctioning them off to the highest bidder. Proceeds of the auction went to Feeding America and Kraft matched the proceeds dollar-for-dollar.

Kraft’s A1 brand also offered a wacky alternative to ties and cologne this year with meat-scented candles. The exclusive gift is available in Original Meat, Backyard BBQ and Classic Burger.