Gillette Venus has launched a new campaign called “Her Shot” that features actress/director Regina King and 10 emerging female directors. The campaign is part of Procter and Gamble’s initiative to promote gender equality.

Using the hashtag #HerShotxVenus, “Her Shot” focuses on a woman’s perspective and the positive impact it can have on the world. King will act as a mentor to 10 up-and-coming female directors, giving advice on how to elevate their voices in the industry. Each of the videos has been created for IGTV and are being cross-promoted across multiple Instagram accounts.

Each of the 10 female directors were selected through a partnership between Gillette and freelance service site Fiverr. On its official Instagram account, Fiverr claims that less than seven percent of directors are women, which is why the brand teamed up for this campaign.

Her Shot videos have been posted on Instagram, including one that features Rain Valdez—a trans actress and director that talks about making her own way in the industry. ChelSY O, another director in the program, shared a video that talks about women controlling their own image in the media.

“Something magical happens when women create for women because we have the ability to inspire each other’s fearless voice within,” she says in the video.

Another video, featuring filmmaker Alison Grasso said that seeing other women’s perspectives on social media changed the way she lives.

“Her Shot” is part of Procter and Gamble’s initiative to drive change in the advertising industry. The global giant partnered with Global Citizen to introduce a new initiative called #SheIsEqual during Cannes Lions, which includes the first #SheIsEqual Summit on September 28 during UN General Assembly Week in New York.

The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism conducted a study about diversity in Hollywood in 2018. Out of the 109 film directors associated with the top 100 movies of 2017, only eight were female. Regardless of this disparity, the top three grossing films included female leads and one female director (Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman).