Brands are on the hunt for consumer engagement this Easter holiday with the use of virtual egg hunts.

On Thursday, Cadbury hosted a one-hour Facebook event that invited Australian users to explore a 360-degree virtual landscape and comment when they found a hidden egg. The first to locate each egg was rewarded with real-world chocolate treats.

According to The Drum, the event drew 220,000 visitors, posting a total of 70,000 comments.

The Great Snapchat Egg Hunt debuted March 22 and runs through April 1 in the US and Canada. The AR scavenger hunt uses GPS to indicate when virtual eggs are near. Tapping on nearby eggs prompts the 3D World Lens to take over, placing the eggs in “real life.” Collecting eggs earns the users points, which can be compared to friends on the Snap Map leaderboard. Rare gold eggs are worth 5 points, and regular eggs are worth one.

Users who don’t want to display their location can still play in Ghost Mode, and their score will only be visible to them.

Throughout the month of March, Niantic has hosted the Pokemon GO Easter Eggstravaganza, offering users more chances to hatch certain Pokemon. The collectible creatures hatch from eggs, making the event a natural tie-in to Easter celebrations.

In Pokemon GO, users can collect eggs that hatch after traveling either 2 km, 5 km or 10 km. Certain Pokemon, such as Wynaut or Ralts are normally available only in eggs that require a longer distance but are available in 2 km eggs until April 2.

Niantic’s breakout AR mobile game rose one spot to number nine for digital mobile game revenues in February.

US consumers will spend $18.2 billion on Easter celebrations this year, according to National Retail Foundation estimates. Roughly 81 percent of Americans plan on celebrating this year, spending an average of $150 per person.