To commemorate its drivers earning $500,000 in tips, Lyft partnered with Demi Lovato and surprised four of its musical drivers with a recording session and VIP concert tickets.

Lyft is using the “Ultimate Tip” campaign to display compassion for its drivers, many of whom use the opportunity to network and fund their creative pursuits.

Last month, Lyft sent out a message to its Miami drivers, offering them a chance to audition for a national commercial. The company chose four musician drivers—Jarae Womack, Jermaine Walden, Conrad Clyde and Eric Monterossa—to audition based on “their commitment to music and on their personal stories.”

As each of the artists prepared to audition at Miami’s Gibson Guitar Showroom, Demi Lovato appeared and revealed the campaign’s true intention—to provide free recording time and tickets to Lovato’s March 28 concert.

“We have a responsibility to treat our drivers well and help them succeed,” Lyft head of driver communications and community, Laura Copeland, recently wrote on Medium, revealing how much drivers are paid.

Lyft’s interest in the music industry can be found in its recent hires. Vice president of brand marketing Becca Lawson and vice president of marketing Melissa Waters recently worked at Pandora.

This is also not the first time Demi Lovato has participated in a Lyft campaign. In 2016, she went undercover in a Lyft ride.

Lyft has used music in the past to promote its services, partnering with both popular and emerging artists. Demi Lovato partnered with the rideshare service in 2016 for its “Undercover Lyft” campaign, posing as a driver and surprising passengers with her true identity.

In December, Lyft introduced the Austin Musician Rideshare Program, offering free rides to local musicians on their way to gigs.

Prior to that, the company partnered with Cardi B to offer a themed app skin that included her face and fingernails.

Other brands support emerging musicians as part of overall promotion include American Express, MasterCard, Taco Bell and Red Bull.