Branded beer is the latest trend in strategic partnerships with Planters, IHOP and Dunkin’ offering limited-edition marketing brews for autumn.

Planters, a division of Kraft-Heinz, unveiled “Mr. IPA-Nut” on Tuesday—a craft beer described as having a citrus aroma with a hint of honey-roasted peanuts and a slightly salty finish. The beer is crafted by Whistling Noon Brewers and will be available for one day only—October 26—at select Chicago, IL retailers.

The peanut-flavored IPA may be limited to Chicago residents, but Planters is inviting anyone to help contribute to “the nuttiest beer commercial of all time” using the hashtag #BeerGoesNuts on social media. The spot pokes fun at other beer commercials by saying they’ll skip the “ice cold mountains” and “scalding hot beaches” in favor for something crazy.

And then there’s IHOPS. After temporarily changing its name to sell burgers, IHOP is at it again with a pumpkin spice pancake stout. The autumn-themed beverage is the result of a partnership with Keegan Ales in New York and was designed to make consumers crave Best-of-Fall pancakes.

IHOPS won’t be available in restaurants, but the limited-edition brew will make appearances at select bars and events around the tri-state area. The restaurant chain has already prepared itself for any ensuing jokes, adding a potential name change to a FAQ section. When asked if they will change their name back to IHOb for beer, the site says, “brobably not.”

Speaking of breakfast, Dunkin’ has also taken the plunge into beer territory. Harpoon’s Dunkin’ Coffee Porter will be available at retailers throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast US, with a few Central state locations thrown in.

The beer was specially made for Dunkin’ by Boston-based brewery Harpoon. Dunkin’ Coffee Porter is described as having a strong coffee flavor with dark roasty notes.

As consumers—especially young ones—become less tolerant of traditional advertising, brands like these are finding unique opportunities to engage through a common pastime. Craft beer is a growing industry in the US, reaching $4.8 billion as of January 28, 2017, according to Nielsen. Flavored beer, in particular, has been on a steady rise with flavors like tangerine, orange and pineapple skyrocketing as top-sellers over the past three years.