Rockstar Games and apparel company Barking Irons have partnered for a limited-edition collection of clothing and accessories inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.

Inspired by 1890s American West fashion, the Barking Irons Red Dead Redemption 2 collection was modeled after clothing worn by the game’s protagonist, Arthur Morgan. Video game fashionistas can even purchase a waxed canvas and leather “gunslinger jacket” with the character’s name printed inside the collar.

Other items for sale include a denim chore shirt, “everyday” shirt, railroad shirt and Union Henley as worn by Morgan. Three bags are also included in the limited-edition collection, including a saddle bag, RDR2-branded tote and riding duffle bag.

At launch, the clothing range from $92-$250 and $75-$325 for the bags. For those not willing to dish out hundreds of dollars for a shirt, Rockstar offers official merchandise on its website, as well. Items include Red Red Redemption shirts, an iPad case, a Zippo lighter and even candles.

The brand partnership occurs at an important stage for Red Dead Redemption 2, which sold over 15 million copies in its first two days. Nielsen’s SuperData Research expects the game to have the strongest ever quarter of digital console sales.

Rockstar Games has a reputation for keeping its fans interested. Its 2013 hit Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) only recently dropped from the top 10 for digital game revenue. Grand Theft Online offers a fairly-continuous stream of new content for players to enjoy, employing the games-as-a-service business model that many publishers have now adopted.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 counterpart, Red Dead Online just launched in beta and there’s no doubt that Rockstar will try to conjure a repeat performance.

Barking Irons says it has forged a long history “built on peculiar American stories told through premium clothing and accessories.” Previous collaborations have typically been with musicians such as Bob Dylan and Billy Joel.

Other video game brands have entered the fashion world to market their titles, as well. Bandai Namco created elaborate Tekken 7 bomber jackets and Nike collaborated with EA to create FIFA 17 cleats. For its 2016 Spring-Summer collection, Louis Vuitton launched a campaign with Lighting—a character from Final Fantasy—as its model.