SodaStream gave their flagship appliance a halloween costume—a sort of Halloween prank from the millennial-focused company. What’s more interesting is what the appliance is dressing up as: a Nespresso machine.

The company—which was purchased by PepsiCo earlier this year—released the printable cutout sheet Nespresso costume via a 20-second Facebook video with step-by-step instructions on how to dress up your device.

It seems pretty straightforward. First, you print it, then you cut it and finally you fold and place it over the SodaStream.

“Our SodaStream machine and the Nespresso machine often live together on kitchen countertops so we wanted to find a creative and fun way to engage with this neighbor brand,” said Clara Amselem, global public relations manager of SodaStream. “We are already known for our April Fool’s prank SodaSoak, so Halloween is another great opportunity to engage in a lighthearted way with our consumers.”

SodaSoak was a 2018 April Fools’ parody featuring the Shahs of Sunset reality star Reza Farahan. The infomercial style video features a carbonated device for your bath, claiming its how Farahan keeps his youthful looks.

The Halloween social media prank intertwined some light banter with Nespresso. One of the comments includes, “ You know for a machine that makes coffee, you guys seem really tired.”

The style is reminiscent of Wendy’s social media sass. The fast-food company is famous for it’s “beefing” on Twitter successfully taking digs at its competitors.

There have been all sorts of reactions on Facebook. One user said “ Yeah, no. George Clooney is involved in your product, I will never buy it.” SodaStream didn’t hesitate to respond saying, “Some think George Clooney is a smooth talker, but we think he comes off a little… flat. BURN.”

SodaStream’s costume campaign is a unique approach to holiday driven by mostly bland marketing platitudes, especially when carbonated water isn’t the first thing you think about during the candy-centric celebration.

In August, PepsiCo acquired SodaStream for $3.2 billion in a move to expand their water portfolio as consumers move away from sugary, carbonated drinks.

SodaStream emphasizes the brand’s environmental friendliness with its reusable bottle. Consumers only need to replenish the carbonation cylinder when it runs out. Which all fits right in with PepsiCo’s “Performance with Purpose 2025” plan.

Seltzer water has become increasingly popular with millennials, due in large part to the success of La Croix. In the last 5 years, the sales of carbonated water have grown 42%.

Millennials also love Halloween, so it’s no surprise SodaStream decided to tap into the spooky holiday. This year its estimated Americans will spend around $9.1 billion on Halloween goods.