Stella Artois continues the largest marketing campaign in its 92-year-old brand career, Joie de Biere, with the introduction of “The Art of Living.” This five-part series of branded videos follow the stories of artisans from the worlds of film, art and food, each sharing their own definition of a life well-lived.

In the first episode, Oscar Award-winning producer Cathy Shulman shares her personal experiences in the film industry and the way she views her responsibilities as a storyteller. Being a Hollywood exec and president emerita of Women in Film isn’t all red carpets and success as Shulman relays obstacles she has had to overcome along the way. From handling discrimination and pay disputes, it is how she looks at and solves problems, Shulman says, that brings her joy.

Chef Jonah Reider is the subject of the second installment—sharing his lifelong passion for cooking and bringing people together. He tells the audience about a nightly supper club he runs out of his Brooklyn home, bridging the divide between a cook and restaurant patrons.

For the third episode, photographer Paul Octavious talks about the drive to follow his heart. When he comes up with a “crazy idea,” he says, the next step is to ask “why not?” and figure out how to make it happen.

The fourth episode features Catherine Eaton, a film director, writer and actress who shares the story of how a one-woman play became her directorial film debut. Using the film “Jaws” as an example, Eaton explains the impact that stories can have and why she loves exposing people to new ideas through her art.

Joey Elenterio is the youngest Michelin star chef, who took a step away from the kitchen to enjoy life’s moments. In the fifth episode of “The Art of Living,” Elentario tells the story of how he worked hard to achieve his goals but ultimately became a consultant instead so he could slow down and appreciate the journey rather than obsess over the destination.

The branded content episodes will debut this month in a social campaign that includes Facebook, Instagram Stories and Stella Artois’ first use of IGTV. The legacy beer brand will use expanded targeting to reach users that are interested in specific interests such as art, food and film as they relate to each episode.