Taking inspiration from popular meditation apps, Stella Artois has created a 20-minute audio guide called Stellaspace, which outlines in detail the “art of beer sipping.” Narrated by actor Luke Evans, the guide is available through Inscape’s meditation app to help drinkers sit back and truly enjoy the beverage.

“People today are busier than ever before, and this can often get in the way of enjoying some of the more simple pleasures in life, like a cold beer with friends,” said Stella Artois vice president Harry Lewis, speaking with AList. “There are all kind of mindfulness tools out there to keep you present but we noticed there was nothing to help you fully enjoy a beer.”

The company states that 20 minutes is, in fact, the optimal amount of time to enjoy the beverage, as recommended by its beer expert Master Ciceron Max Bakker. The guide combines Evans’ voice, personality and witty anecdotes with modern meditation techniques and is meant to be enjoyed with friends.

“We know that life tends to get in the way of enjoying these simple pleasures and our mission is to help bring more enjoyment to the limited time people do have,” Lewis explained. The 20-minute time frame not only allows drinkers to “fully appreciate” the beer, but it also encourages people to slow down and savor each sip.

He added that the experience was created to engage millennial drinkers, who value mindfulness, relaxation and self-care, as demonstrated by the rise of adult coloring books, meditation studios and more.

“Knowing that these consumers are our target audience, we want to play a role by providing a way to help people rethink how they enjoy a Stella Artois,” he said.

To create a greater sense of authenticity while incorporating meditative expertise, Stella decided to partner with Inscape and launch the experience through its app instead of as a podcast or on a self-branded app. Lewis said that Stella was impressed with Inscape’s approach toward merging traditional meditation techniques with modern technology.

“By hosting Stellaspace within the Inscape app we’re able to help ensure part of that balance is taking time to enjoy a beer with friends,” said Lewis. “Beyond Inscape we’re promoting the experience through proactive public relations, via our collaboration with narrator and slow-sipping expert Luke Evans, as well as ongoing influencer efforts aimed at inspiring people to join us in Stellaspace and think differently about how they enjoy a Stella Artois.”

The Stellaspace experience is part of the larger “Joie de Bière” brand campaign, which launched in April with a “Les Pockets” ad spot. Lewis said that it was inspired by the European sentiment “Joie de Vivre” or “the enjoyment of life.” Its mission is to help bring enjoyment to people using Stella Artois’ established sense of wit, charm and sophistication.