After more or less single-handedly inventing the concept of the “Instagram museum,” the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) has set its sights on shaking up a different experience: grocery shopping. Partnering with Target to launch The Pint Shop, the MOIC offers a pastel pink, social-friendly take on frozen food aisles, stocked with an original line of ice cream to boot.

“I set out to create The Pint Shop as a place where you can curate your own experience to share in real life, and among your peers,” said Maryellis Bunn, the Museum of Ice Cream’s founder and creative director, in a statement.

The new experience in New York hopes to unite the success of the Museum of Ice Cream’s original with traditional retail commerce, serving as a limited-time exclusive source of MOIC’s original ice cream line. Target has partnered with the museum to stock its ice cream line nationwide as well as exclusive MOIC merchandise.

“Target x Museum of Ice Cream has a three-part partnership,” the store’s website reads. “The partnership includes: a limited-edition kids’ apparel and accessories collection within Target’s exclusive kids brand, Art Class, a line of Museum of Ice Cream ice cream sold for the first time at a retailer and the sponsorship of Museum of Ice Cream’s newest concept.”

The Pint Shop won’t limit itself to its decorations and inventory, however. Much like the Brandless Pop-up with Purpose, MOIC hopes to draw in repeat visitors once the novelty has worn off with exclusive ice cream tastings and community events.

“Each week at The Pint Shop, MOIC will host Pint Sessions, a series of interactive workshops based on our mission of imagination and creativity,” the store’s website promises. “We’ll enlist key MOIC team members and social influencers to host playful, creative and hands-on workshops around key Pint Shop pillars: imagination, storytelling, innovation, community and motivation.”

Overall, the premise behind the pop-up is fairly straightforward. As the site says: “We sell ice cream and supporting ice cream accessories.”