Coca-Cola launched two new low-calorie flavors of Glacéau Vitaminwater—Fire and Ice—with comedic social activations, a fictional museum, experiential marketing and a trip to Iceland.

Glacéau Vitaminwater debuted a tongue-in-cheek campaign to promote its Fire (spicy watermelon lime) and Ice (cool blueberry lavender) flavors. The brand began teasing the flavors on its social channels March 11 before launching a series of shows and attractions, not all of which were real.

“The new flavors are the latest examples of The Coca-Cola Company listening to consumers and quickly innovating to offer beverage choices that satisfy a variety of changing tastes and lifestyles,” wrote Jay Moye, editor-in-chief of Coca-Cola’s Journey blog. The new flavors hit stores nationwide In March, with distribution to and scheduled for late-April.

In the meantime, a “Fire and Ice Sweepstakes” invites consumers to choose which flavor they prefer, post a photo of it on Instagram and enter to win several prizes each week ranging from bluetooth speakers to branded tumblers. Entrants must use the hashtag #vitaminwatersweepstakes, along with an emoji or either fire or snow. The grand prize is a VIP trip to Iceland for the Secret Solstice Music Festival June 21-23.

Fire: Attitude And Not-Actual-Reality TV

A microsite has been dedicated to a fictional reality series called “Xtreme Urban Farming.” The show follows Todd Hades, a tough-as-nails farmer who, together with this horticulture renegades, developed the peppermelon—a watermelon/hot pepper hybrid supposedly used to make Vitaminwater Fire.

The real product and fake fruit have gone on tour with a food truck offering drink samples. The Xtreme Urban Farming truck made its debut at SXSW Austin and is scheduled to appear at food truck festivals and farmers markets in Los Angeles, NYC and Boston on various dates until May 20.

Ice: Cold As Your Ex

Glacéau Vitaminwater likened its new Ice flavor to the melancholia of a breakup and partnered with a fake artist named Tommy Lavender to curate an equally fake “Ex Museum.”

The Ex Museum features six “ex-hibits” that capture relationships lost, “frozen in time.” One surreal example, “Iced Out,” is a statue of someone staring longingly at a mobile phone.

“There is no colder feeling than searching your ex’s name on social media, seeing nothing, continuing to search in vain, until coming to that realization that you’ve been blocked from all communication with your ex,” reads the description. “The Iced Out ex-hibit allows you to relive that cold feeling over and over until you feel nothing at all.”

Since consumers can’t actually visit the museum, Vitaminwater took to Twitter and offered to replace ex-lovers in photos with a bottle of Vitaminwater Ice. Several users accepted the offer, dubbing the Photoshop work an “ice upgrade.”

Coca-Cola has used a number of comedic tactics to promote new Vitaminwater flavors recently. Last July, the brand launched a series of guerilla marketing tactics for Glacéau Vitaminwater that were spotted online and in the real world. These promotions highlight fictional products, groups and characters, each associated with a different Vitaminwater flavor.

Water, enhanced water and sports drinks grew three percent in 2018, the Coca-Cola Company reported, saying, “We’re constantly transforming our portfolio, from reducing sugar in our drinks to bringing innovative new products to market.”

The Coca-Cola Company has not responded for comment.