From Kotaku:

It seems that a Tecmo employee has apparently been altering the company’s Wiki page a user with the company’s IP address has been making changes to the page. Some of those changes seem related to the events of last year, such as trying to hide info about who quit the company. Wikipedia has warned Tecmo about editing its own Wiki page.

If this is true, Tecmo is hardly the only company editing its own Wiki page. The issue that Wikipedia seems to be taking is that Tecmo appears to be covering up factual information that might make the company look bad.

Tecmo has had a rough go at it the past couple of years, with the culmination happening when star developer and mastermind behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden Tomonobu Itagaki left the developer and came back . . . to sue.

Even if the news is bad and your game’s or company’s history is on shaky ground, it is never a good idea to edit your own Wikipedia page.  You only end up looking foolish because Wikipedia will find you out and a little bit of attention turns into a whole lot of it.