EA’s pricey ad buy for Dante’s Inferno during this year s Super Bowl may not have moved the needle the way the publisher intended.  Ad Age analyzes post-game buzz for advertisers, and names EA among brands that took a beating.   The news outlet uses buzz metrics compiled by research firm YouGov Polimetrix, which created an index of winners and losers among Super Bowl ads based on surveys.  The firm conducted surveys the week prior to the game then again the day after, creating a positive buzz point system by measuring the percentage of respondents who had heard positive comments about a brand minus the percentage of those exposed to negative comments.  It found the biggest winners were Denny’s, E-Trade and Doritos, all of which gained double digit points in positive buzz after the game.  Among buzz losers, Volkswagen saw the biggest drop, falling 6.2 points on YouGov Polimetrix s meter, followed by Acura at 4.9 and EA at 4.7.  The firm found EA as one of five brands with the most buzz lost in surveys among all men as well as adults over 18 years old.  Check out the full findings at Ad Age {link no longer active}.