Facebook’s stock continues to under perform expectations and one of the major elements that will right that is paid advertising. In mixed response, Ford and Coca-Cola are looking to expand on the social network, while Dannon USA is doing the opposite.

Coca-Cola CMO Joe Tripodi commented at the Cannes Lions ad conference that, “If we can get 40-million-plus fans, or even some subset of them, talking positively about the things we’re doing, ultimately that’s a good thing for us.”

Meanwhile, Ford group VP of global sales and marketing Jim Farley, said that the company plans to expand its use of advertising on Facebook a few weeks after rival General Motors said that it planned to stop advertising on Facebook altogether. “Someone who ‘likes’ you on Facebook is substantially more willing to advocate the brand,” Farley stated.

Dannon’s senior director of public relations, Michael Neuwirth, said that the free company page on Facebook, “has been a very effective way to build community, to find people who enjoy your product, and build loyalty,” he said. “And it can be an effective way to promote coupons.”

“But beyond that,” Neuwirth added, “we haven’t advertised extensively on Facebook from a volume-driving perspective. We don’t think we’ve seen a way to do it efficiently. We don’t think we’ve found volume-driving ways that are sustainable to be a Facebook advertiser.”

Source: Brand Channel