YouTube has seen several businesses established onto it over the past few years. It’s also been helpful for many up-and-coming musical artists, and the managers of YouTube recognize and salute these trends.

“To recognize these businesses and their work in fostering a culture of entrepreneurship on YouTube, we’re introducing our first ever YouTube Marketing Ambassadors—a group of outstanding organizations that have used YouTube to drive sales and grow operations,” wrote Baljeet Singh, Group Product Manager, YouTube. “We’ve invited nine businesses from across the country to participate in this program, and last week our YouTube Ambassadors joined us at our headquarters for a two-day summit to meet with executives and learn more about online tools for businesses.”

The YouTube Marketing Ambassadors include, which has taught over 30,000 students from 135 countries since 2002 and the Richard Petty Driving Experience showing celebrity customers’ reactions after their final lap around the racetrack to use as testimonials. There’s also RevZilla, where co-founder Anthony Bucci deconstructs technical motorcycle gear through simple video reviews, giving tips on sizing and features, with over 1,400 videos to help motorcyclists shop for products.

“We’ve awarded these Ambassadors with a badge for their YouTube channel and retail storefront, and will feature them on the YouTube homepage,” noted Singh. “To pay it forward, each Ambassador will mentor a nonprofit organization of their choice on how to get started with a video presence on YouTube. They’ll also host Google+ Hangouts throughout the year to share their strategies. To find out when the Ambassadors will be hosting a Hangout, stay tuned to our YouTube for marketers {link no longer active} Google+ page.”