Comscore’s new audience measurement tool called Media Metrix Multi-Platform debuted earlier this year, allowing users to measure the reach of their properties across the multiple devices. In April of this year, 14 million people in the U.S. only used mobile devices to access the Internet, so the importance of gauging reach across mobile and standard computing devices is incredibly important.

As the Internet becomes an increasingly multi-platform experience, knowing the reach of a service across multiple devices and exactly how much reach a service has on each of these devices is of great importance in shaping advertising campaigns. This new tool will allow companies to know more easily which devices their services are used on, and thus how they should shape their campaigns to be marketed on these devices.

Game marketing is increasingly conducted across multiple platforms, and we can expect to see web campaigns increasingly accessed from mobile devices. Knowing where and how a campaign is appearing is vital to understanding how to improve the campaign. Game marketers need to keep informed on the effectiveness of all platforms as the options are constantly changing.

Source: Comscore