While it looks like early season Thursday Night Football is off the table, the remaining late season games are doing well. Now entering its sixth season, the NFL Network is close to selling out its eight-game prime-time slate.

More than 80 percent of the eight game prime-time slate’s worth of in-game inventory have been sold, with automotive, retail, and QSR being big categories. Slots in the latter half of the schedule have been held back to accommodate scatter buys.

“From a timing standpoint, we’re the perfect platform for studios,” said David Pattillo, the NFL’s vice president of media sales. “Thursday nights are highly sought after; they can make or break your opening weekend.”

Returning sponsors will include Sears for the pregame and Kay Jewelers is back for the wrap show, while newcomer Kia will sponsor the TNF halftime show. It is estimated that NFL Network last year took in $90.4 million in net ad sales revenue, up 38 percent compared to 2009.

Source: AdWeek