From Eurogamer:

Brighton-based usability company Vertical Slice claims to be able to predict videogame review scores.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, director Graham McAllister said his techniques can “inform [companies] to make a better game”, pushing them closer to the “magic line” of 80 per cent.

“We just finished some research where we can start to predict a year in advance what the game is likely to get,” McAllister told us. “And obviously we get more accurate as time goes on.

Vertical Slice’s tests are based on looking at over 150 back issues of Edge magazine and seeing what factors traditionally impact a game s score.

If anything, seeing this predictive game score can help us determine whether or not a game’s perception is positive or negative at the time of test taking, and further insight can help impact a game s marketing plan by identifying which aspects of a title to focus on.