Rockhopper Research and Peanut Labs have conducted a survey on holiday shopping trends for consumer electronics. The firms reached out to 1,000 people in the US to ask them about holiday gift purchase intent. They found plenty of reason to cheer for electronics makers, and specifically the game industry. Of those surveyed, 83 percent said they planned on buying at least one consumer electronic product as a gift. Game consoles topped their list, with 60 percent among them saying they planned on buying at least one console. Digital music players came in next, with 54 percent planning to purchase at least one, followed by digital cameras and camcorders on 45 percent of people’s lists.

The firms also looked at shopping habits, finding two-thirds of those surveyed planning on visiting brick and mortar stores for their electronics purchases. The survey found Walmart and Best Buy dominating the category for physical retailers, while Amazon’s online electronics sales have grown to rival stores such as Target, Sears and Kmart.  The survey also asked about the importance of brands when it came to specific product categories, finding brand importance highest for game console shoppers.

Read the summary report from Rockhopper Research.