According to Viximo, worldwide revenue generated in the social gaming market from non-Facebook sources will expand from $3.2 billion to $5.6 billion in 2014. Facebook currently represents only about a third of worldwide traffic for social networks, leaving plenty of opportunities for local social networks and especially in countries like Brazil, Germany, Russia and Turkey.

“The social web beyond Facebook is often overlooked when it comes to games and applications.  As it turns out, social networks beyond Facebook represent a non-trivial – in fact, significant – and fertile ground for games and apps,” said Dale Strang, CEO, Viximo. “What we uncovered with this study was just how quickly non-Facebook social gaming is exploding around the world, giving game-makers a terrific opportunity to reach new audiences and generate new revenue.”

The study also revealed that Russia and Brazil are the two Western countries with the largest social gaming audiences, with 35 million and 32.6 million respectively. While Facebook does dominate in North America, it represents only about a third of worldwide traffic for social networks.

The study conducted by SuperData Research also says that Asia remains the largest market for social games and has an estimated $2 billion in total revenue for 2011, however key markets in South America and Western and Eastern Europe may have more room for growth. Germany is the Western country currently generating the most social gaming revenue with more than $173 million; this is predicted to reach $250 million in 2014.