Two UK scientists have taken a look at the different factors consumers take into account when purchasing video games, and they may go against what is commonly assumed.

From NewScientist:

The pair analyzed game reviews to determine the most interesting features and how games garner good scores. Weak storytelling and lackluster in-game graphics had little impact, but pricing the game badly was a killer.

“Social aspects are also much more important than previously realized,” adds Beale. That may include multiplayer online options, or creating an experience the rest of the family will enjoy.

If this research is accurate, why does the marketing for games like Halo 3 ODST fail to mention social and multiplayer features

For example, the current Halo 3 ODST push focuses on the story of the ODST soldiers, which you can see in the embedded video below. The stunning trailer sets the mood but says nothing about the game’s actual multiplayer, a huge surprise given the original Halo 3 has been one of the top three Xbox Live multiplayer games since its launch . . . two years ago.

Are video game marketers missing out on communicating the most compelling features of their own products