From IndustryGamers:

Today, IndustryGamers received new survey data from SquareTrade, which claims to be the largest independent warranty provider in the world. The study compared the malfunction rates for all three consoles and found the Wii to be nine times more reliable than Xbox 360 and four times more reliable than PS3. That said, there has been significant improvement with Xbox 360 and the RROD problem. SquareTrade’s data shows that the introduction of the Jasper chipset in late 2008 “has likely solved” the RROD problem.

The Xbox 360 problems seemed to have hit as high as 24 percent of all owners in the first two years of their purchase. PS3 faired better at 10 percent, while less than 3 percent of Wii owners experienced a hardware failure.

Is the albatross of the red ring of death, something that has been a bane in anyone pushing an Xbox 360 product, finally coming to an end   We hope so.