The Tick is back in his second live-action comedy TV series, this one available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. The comic-book-hero-turned-TV-star first appeared in 1986. Since then, he became a popular cartoon character in the 90s and the star of a live-action show starring Patrick Warburton (Venture Brothers) on Fox. For the hero’s risky return to live-action—especially in a time when superhero shows are everywhere—Amazon catered its marketing around Tick’s trademark catchphrases and naivete.

Hype surrounding the show includes standard fare such as billboards, teasers and a sponsored hashtag (Tweeting #TheTick will add an image of the hero to messages), but with a twist. For example, billboards were strategically located so that their messages would make the most impact. One located in Los Angeles reads, “You nail the callback, I’ll nail evil,” catering to Hollywood’s huge population of aspiring actors.

While it’s nothing new for a film or show to create specially marked packaging for restaurant promotions, cups from Hardees and Carl’s Jr. include a Snap code to unlock exclusive content. Amazon used Snapchat for a number of promotions, including a sponsored filter that turns users into The Tick. An exclusive game on the app lets users beat up bad guys and features a music track from the show—a cover of Green Day’s “Basket Case” by Bastille.

The Tick lives in a world where superheroes are part people’s daily lives and are loosely regulated. To help immerse fans into his world, Amazon is inviting them to register as a superhero in the AEGIS database—a fictional organization from the series. In addition to creating their own identities and super powers, users can contribute fan fiction, call a special phone number for more information and explore the files of other heroes. Adding backstory to The Tick’s adventures, users may notice some heroes were killed by The Terror—a villain from the show.

Back in the hands of its creator, Ben England (Supernatural, Gotham), the title character of Tick is portrayed by Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy) in the new series. The series has been a comic book, a cartoon and another live-action show, but the character has always remained larger than life. At San Diego Comic-Con, Amazon took this phrase literally and brought a giant 24-foot replica of the top of The Tick’s head, complete with towering antennae, with them to the show.

Responding to Twitter posts tagged with #TheTickSDCC, along with specific emoji, participants received responses from the official Tick account with videos of the antennae moving in response to the requested emoji (happy, sad, etc.). The 24-foot replica of The Tick’s head was visible from “all major landmarks” at the event, and special access to a lounge was granted to Amazon Prime members.

The Tick takes a slightly different approach than previous iterations, in that the main character is actually Tick’s sidekick, Arthur, played by Griffin Newman (Draft Day). Struggling with mental illness and depression, Arthur is an accountant who suspects that his town is owned by The Terror. Without super powers, he is hopeless to take any action until he meets The Tick and becomes The Moth.

A special live Q&A with Griffin Newman was held on Facebook Live August 21 to delve deeper into the character and what viewers could look forward to on the show.

The first six episodes of The Tick are available now on Amazon Prime, with six more dropping in early 2018.