At a first glance, Duxter seems to be a dream for advertisement opportunities aimed at gamers. Adam Lieb, CEO of the tiny startup — it recently raised $500,000 in seed money – draws contrast to other gaming sites such as Raptr. But he says those sites put a heavy focus on stats and achievements related to game play, where Duxter is more geared toward the gamer lifestyle and user interactions through the site with platform functionalities much closer to that of LinkedIn and Facebook.

For advertising, Duxter claims that it doesn’t “put static banners all over the place hoping for accidental-clicks.” The site is serving two major functions – a social network and a “Duxter for business.” It wants to gather anyone interested in games and the people who play them, from hardcore to casual players and of course the advertisers clamoring for their dollars.

While currently focusing on launching its online community, Lieb says the company wants to eventually expand into mobile and game consoles.

Source: Tech Crunch