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Meet The Network of Guys Making Thousands of Dollars Tweeting As “Common White Girls”: BuzzFeed gets to the fine details of what groundwork was laid in place to ensure that now infamous viral marketing moment #AlexFromTarget could happen.

Mark Zuckerberg Holds His First-Ever Public Q&A on Facebook: Mark addresses such topics as Facebook’s organic reach, what The Social Network got wrong and why he wears the same t-shirt every day.

How eSports Influenced Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: The latest from the popular franchise looked to eSports pros for cues on how to better the game.  Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games dishes on how this influenced game mechanics and Call of Duty’s entrance into the eSports sphere with the Call of Duty Championship.

Why Silicon Valley Doesn’t Care About Android: Why Silicon Valley isn’t so hot on that other big OS. (Hint: it boils down to monetization.)

Physical Video Games Let You Make One Move A Day: While Ishac Bertran’s Slow Games could easily be objects of art, they will try your patience, memory and your observation abilities to create a whole new kind of gaming experience.

Why BuzzFeed Doesn’t Do Clickbait: BuzzFeed attempts to extricate itself from that little portmanteau it has become synonymous with… clickbait.

It’s All Mobile With Robert Brill and Brian Foster: Part of our new series featuring the people behind Ayzenberg, we talk to the dynamic duo behind influencer platform ION to talk in-depth about influencer marketing and why “mobile” isn’t even worth mentioning anymore.

The Chinese Games Market: An in-depth analysis of the huge (and growing) Chinese games market and what challenges it will face.

Twitter Was Right– It’s Not The Next Facebook: Turns out, Twitter is the next Twitter.

Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem: The New York Times addresses the chasm between the young and old in Silicon Valley and why the next cool app might pale next to the app that really matters.

SuperData Report: De-Risking Game Development: SuperData does more than just look at sales numbers. This time, they look at how the digital distribution is changing the gaming industry, and fast.

How Brands Can Help Save Journalism (It’s Not With Content Marketing): Contently’s Shane Snow says that “the Journalism business is an old man on life support” and that can hardly be argued. Snow makes a passionate case for “lateral thinking”– what it is and why it needs to be applied to the Journalism (with a capital ‘J’) industry.

How Modern Marketplaces Like Uber and Airbnb Build Trust to Achieve Liquidity: An interesting analysis of what makes these sharing economy marketplaces tick and what makes them so darn effective.

Media and Tech Brands Rule YouTube: Media and tech seem to the be the first to realize YouTube’s major potential for branded content. Everyone else is playing a game of catch-up.

Should You Listen to Your Users Or Your Data : Data can tell you one story, but without real human feedback, you stand to miss some important points. Here’s what you might miss if you acquiesce to one side too much.

Mobile Is Eating The World: Benedict Evans of Andreesen Horowitz shares his presentation from the WSJD conference that every marketer should see.

How To Take Advantage Of The Top Two Motivations For Using Apps: Loneliness And Boredom: Important advice to take note of when considering your next branded app.

Snapchat Reaches Out to Potential Partners: Next on Snapchat’s monetization docket is its strategic partnerships with media companies to deliver information to Gen Z’s platform of choice.

Tencent Owns 3 Of The World’s 5 Biggest Social Networks: A visual presentation of exactly how many users Tencent commands and where they fit in to the social networking landscape.

Connecting the Mobile Game Marketing Dots: [a]listdaily talks to Christian Calderon, head of marketing at Dots to see what strategies lie behind the wildly popular mobile game.

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