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Top 25 US Twitter Trends For June 2017

Summer is in full swing. With fall shows wrapping their season finales, this month we saw a shift in the US from TV shows to trending tweets during live sporting events.

Draymond and Uncle Drew were referenced during NBA final matches, Mr. Met was a reference to a Yasiel Puig spectacle, UFC 212 trended during an exciting upset of Jose Aldo on UFC fight night and USMNT trended during the US vs. Mexico World Cup qualifying event.

Last month’s emergence of political and socioeconomic undertones trending in the top 10 continued this month—Bill Maher’s racial slur on national television, Eric Trump’s investigation for ties with Russia, political tension in Qatar, a scuffle between CA House representative and the media, and #MakeMeCringeIn3Words quickly went in a political direction with references of Trump. Perhaps we are less distracted with our TV shows or maybe this is an indication of the political restlessness surfacing in America.

Here’s our take on the trends for this month—stay tuned to see how these trends continue to evolve, and check out last month’s biggest trends to compare.

US Hashtag Spotlight

The hashtags of most interest to marketers in the US this month were #NationalBestFriendDay, #NationalDonutDay and #WWDC2017.

#NationalBestFriendDay captured the mindshare of the Twitter community with many posting endearing pictures of their best friends. Nintendo was able to jump in on the trend with a witty poll asking fans to choose their best friend from the Nintendo game, Animal Crossing. This Tweet received 34,000 votes and over 3,000 likes, retweets and comments.

#NationalBestFriendDay was also a natural topic for sports teams like the Chicago White Sox, Indianapolis Colts, and Oakland Raiders—who all participated in the trending topic.

#NationalDonutDay happens annually on the first Friday of June. Donut shops such as Dunkin Donuts received the most publicity, but some non-foody brands were able to benefit from the trending topic. Waze cleverly encouraged fans to #WazetoDunkin with their participating post.

Apple made headlines with their trending hashtag #WWDC2017 during their Worldwide Developers Conference where they announced new products and programs. Surprise announcements at branded or general consumer events tend to make headlines for big brands and can even trend nationally on Twitter if the timing is right.

Top 25 Global Twitter Trends For June 2017

This month, Twitter fans were tuned in to live sporting events across the globe. From NBA finals to cricket matches to World Cup qualifying futbol matches—#NBAFinals, #INDvPAK, Arda Turan, #استراليا_السعوديه, Corinthians and #ENGvAUS fell into this category. As World Cup gets into full swing, we’ll likely be seeing more of these trends.

Political events, particularly the boycotting of Qatar and Chilean politics also made headlines—Qatar, #الشعب_الخليجي_يرفض_مقاطعه_قطر, #AquiEstaChile and La Vega fell into this category.

Global Hashtag Spotlight

Global hashtag spotlight this month is #DiaMundialdelMedioAmbiente—World Environment Day in Latin America. Police stations, cycling communities, environmental groups and public natural parks participated in this trend. Although most brands did not engage—many individuals tweeted and shared pictures doing their part for the environment.