Spending big bucks on that marketing team to operate your social media for you Don’t despair, Google is looking to be your middle man and generate tweets for you.

As it turns out, Google has applied for a patent that seeks to create automated messaging for just about everything in your life– from email, to texting, blogging, and your online life. The system will suggest messaging based on how you’ve interacted in the past. It won’t just tweet willy nilly for you, either. One human element that remains is the ability to approve of these posts before they go out.

Currently, there are apps like ‘What Would I Say’ that work similarly, but are just a curiosity for now since it seems keen to generate non-sequiturs. If Google can create meaningful posts from this and perhaps a way to tap into some hot topics, this tool would be of particular use to brands and publishers.

Source: Ars Technica