Social media has a new look thanks to Snapchat Spectacles. These wearable cameras let anyone see through your eyes, inspiring creative spontaneity from Snapchat’s massive user base. The new, $130 camera glasses have quickly been adopted by users and brands alike to share memorable moments—from playing with the dog to concerts and everything in between.

Beauty brand, L’oreal, for example, took spectacles to the Golden Globes Awards, allowing fans to witness the red carpet first-hand. Worn by make-up artist, Sir John and two brand ambassadors, L’Oreal’s Snapchat followers were treated to behind the scenes clips like putting make-up onto celebrities’ faces.

“At L’Oréal Paris, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage our consumers,” said Kristen Comings, VP of integrated consumer communications. “Snapchat serves as a proven tool to engage audiences.”

Musicians are excited about Spectacles, too. Grammy award-winning artist, Ed Sheeran hid his new single within a sponsored Snapchat lens that overlays Spectacles on a user’s face. Using the filter with sound turned on plays his new song, “Shape of You.”

Now calling itself Snap, Inc., Snapchat’s future is looking so bright, it’s gotta wear shades.