When it made its debut last year on USA Network, Mr. Robot became a big hit with fans, telling an intriguing tale of a hacker (Rami Malek) working alongside a mysterious figure (Christian Slater) to battle corporate conglomerates. Now, just days before the premiere of its second season this week, the network has opted to take a viral approach to keep those fans happy.

During a Facebook Live Q&A last night (featuring various cast members from the show), the network “hacked” its own feed and showed off the first hour of the two-part premiere that will air this Wednesday.

Facebook was just part of Mr. Robot‘s takeover, however, as the channel also hosted special broadcasts of the first hour on Twitter, followed by Snapchat’s Buzzfeed Discover Channel and the official Mr. Robot YouTube channel, along with USA Network’s website, with each channel getting its own special premiere time—all within 15 minutes of one another.

The “leak” was the network’s latest move to promote the highly popular show, which many consider one of NBCUniversal’s key shows for the “binge-worthy” demographic. Other promotions included a huge push in advertising, including short-but-sweet TV ads giving viewers a taste of what’s to come.

So far, feedback on the surprise season premiere has been huge on social media, with many fans noting the move as surprising, and a way to get them excited for the full season premiere.

In addition to heavily promoting the show, USA Network is also giving in to the practice of providing a live feedback show, which will air after the season two premiere. No other details were provided on it just yet, but members of the cast and crew are expected to be on said show.