There’s no questioning the dominance of Twitter’s Periscope livestreaming app. It has been trouncing the competition since its debut last year. Even its closest rival, Meerkat, had to change its business plan because of it. But now, a new competitor could be stepping up, and it may be big enough to overshadow Periscope.

VentureBeat reported that Google has been hard at work on its own livestreaming app called YouTube Connect. The service has the potential to put Periscope in its place, and do the same to Facebook, which has been slowly building its own livestreaming service, Facebook Live.

YouTube Connect reportedly has functionality that’s similar to other livestreaming apps, enabling users to log in with their account and quickly broadcast from wherever they are. The app will also come with social features, such as the ability to tag friends and locations, as well as chat with others. A news feed will also be available, providing the latest clips from friends and the channels users subscribe to, according to a source close with the project.

Google hasn’t confirmed the app as of yet, but it does sound like a promising prospect for its YouTube division, helping the company have a firmer grasp in the growing livestreaming market.