Snapchat, the popular timed-content sharing service recently in the news for a new advertising format and partnership with the AMAs, is making headlines once more with its first exclusive travel show.

UK-based Topdeck is behind the program, called Topdeck Snaps, calling on the talents of YouTube celebrity James Hill to provide Snapchat users with a six-episode glimpse into Europe’s quirkiest locales.

Topdeck sees Snapchat as a natural partner for their latest initiative. “Snapchat really taps into the ethos of our trips,” Topdeck Travel marketing manager Hazel McGuire said of their working relationship. “As with Topdeck Travel, Snapchat is designed for personal, unguarded and free-flowing experiences — the perfect platform to explore for our latest campaign.”

Snapchat’s “Stories” feature, a functionality allowing users to craft a narrative out of several separate photos and videos, will play host to Topdeck Snaps. The “Stories” feature, once considered a novelty with limited marketability, has caught on like wildfire with brands eager to tap into its potential to tell immersive stories about their products.

Topdeck’s ambitious marketing campaign for Topdeck Snaps begins tomorrow, December 3rd, with their first episode — featuring Hill traveling to Budapest and Berlin — being released in conjunction with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram promotions under hashtag #TopdeckSnaps. A weeklong broadcast schedule is set to follow.

“The strategic aim behind the campaign is our desire to increase our brand awareness within a UK and European audience and to challenge the stereotypes around coach travel in this particular market,” McGuire continued. “We hope the campaign will really introduce us to a 18-34 audience in a way which inspires and challenges perceptions of what a coach-based holiday around Europe actually is.”