The following is a reprint of an article for iMedia Connection by Keith Pape, VP social & emerging media at Ayzenberg Group.

With the launch of Instagram Video yesterday, many pundits have already announced the death of Twitter’s video service, Vine. It seems that anytime Facebook jumps into a new niche, there is the threat that a smaller offering will be crushed under their weight (of ad spend to gain adoption).

The fact that Instagram video is integrated into their existing application certainly helps their cause by gaining access to an existing install base, but Foursquare has certainly shown that a mere entry into a space (such as online check-in) isn’t a guaranteed death sentence. The key to Instagram’s success and their greatest differentiation is certainly their filtering options. Filtering turns any point-and-shoot photographer into Ansel Adams with the push of a button. I’m not sure the same is true for video. There is much more to consider when creating a short-form video; and just adding on a lighting filter at the end may not make up for aggressive movement, bad composition or poor aim.

From a functionality standpoint, I do admit I love that they came out with iOS and Android the same day. The ability to use both camera views (front and rear) is a godsend, and having the option for a slightly longer form —while being able to stop anytime I want and move on to filter and share — is quite refreshing.

The key for Vine is to find its differentiation, much as Foursquare has done for check-in. How can they find a new feature or audience niche that finds Vine to be the special sauce they need Vine will need to pivot quickly on their business model to stay relevant. I don’t really see them as an underdog (as they are a division of Twitter) but as a first mover, I do root for them to make some quick changes and I’m still hopeful for an innovative and competitive future.

What do you think I’ve taken a few already and see not necessarily innovation, but certainly a more full-featured experience. What have you shot What do you think Vine’s next move could be? Leave a comment or send me a tweet and let’s keep this conversation going.

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Keith Pape leads social, mobile and emerging media opportunities, as well as strategy and creative execution at Ayzenberg Group.  He is a senior digital marketing executive with 14+ years of experience driving business growth, leading teams, launching brands and products, and achieving results through creative, results-driven and technology-enabled marketing. 

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