A new Facebook app called “Films” on the official Virgin Mobile Live page is actively stalking your cultural obsessions. In partnership with “Immortals”, Virgin Mobile has utilized YouTubers (established content creators within the YouTube network) to drive fans to check out some new content. The App is filled with content and engagements. An onboarding video called “Immortals: The Remake” featuring Olga Kay, Jacks Films, Richard Ryan and Sam of Corridor Digital shows what happens when a bunch of YouTubers get their hands on the all-powerful magical weapons from Immortals. Vote on which YouTuber wouldn’t last one second in ancient Greece. In another voting engagement, fans were asked to upload photos of themselves posing like a Greek God or Goddess and compete to immortalize themselves on the page. Select YouTubers like Jacksfilms, OlgaKay and Tobuscus were also asked to produce video content of their own for their channel. Fans can also check out the official trailer and find a local theater to check out “Immortals”.