Video titan YouTube announced today it will be bringing its gaming-focused livestreaming service, YouTube Gaming, live tomorrow with a website and mobile apps. The move shows that YouTube is serious about its focus on its largest vertical. Here’s what you need to know.

YouTube Gaming Opens Competition Against Twitch

While YouTube has been a mainstay for gaming’s Let’s Play content and unboxings, Twitch has been playing host to gaming’s streaming community. In May of last year, Variety reported that YouTube was looking to acquire the streaming service for $1 billion. Since Google lost out to Amazon, YouTube announced back in June that it would be creating YouTube Gaming.

In a statement to Polygon, Twitch says they’ve hit a new milestone with 2 million viewers watching concurrently.

“The opportunity in gaming video is enormous, and others have clearly taken notice,” said Matthew DiPietro, senior vice president of marketing for Twitch. “We are dedicated to being the best social, global, multi-screen video platform for gamers, period.”

As The List of Competitors Grows, YouTube Faces Pressure

According to eMarketer, while YouTube continues to bring positive financial results and impressive stats, YouTube is beginning to face pressure from a growing number of competitors. Growth in YouTube’s video ad revenues is expected to drop by 6.2 percent next year. To YouTube’s benefit, marketers are seeing the platform as an essential part of branded content and campaigns. It’s not likely that YouTube will topple from its top spot anytime soon, but it’s worth noting that the company is looking to remain competitive in the lucrative and growing streaming market.

How YouTube Gaming Will Work

Starting tomorrow, will work in all countries where YouTube is available. Both Android and iOS apps will be available for download. YouTube Gaming will be automatically collecting video gaming-related content for more than 25,000 games. Streaming will be easier as well. Currently in beta, will allow a more streamlined process for users to stream on their personal URLs.