Chobani’s “One For All” campaign, launched with an experiential marketing installation on Monday, is designed to inspire a generous spirit.

“It’s meant to feel very magical in terms of what planting a seed can do—small acts leading to big fireworks in a metaphorical sense,” Leland Maschmeyer, Chobani’s chief creative officer told AListDaily.

Located in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, the one-day experience is an interactive version of a Chobani spot called “The Giving Tree.” Participants arrive to find a stylized tree leading up to a colorful projected canopy. At the base of three are round activators designed to simulate the covering of a seed with dirt. Interacting results in an LED light show moving up the “trunk” of the tree where the canopy “explodes” with animations of fruit and leaves in the same animation style as the commercial.

For every virtual seed planted, Chobani will donate a case of its Greek yogurt to the No Kid Hungry charity organization. Multiple seeds yield different results, encouraging participants to try them all. A national media campaign launched alongside the activation on Monday. Visitors are also gifted with coupons for free product.

The message of “One For All” represents two ideas—small acts leading to bigger things and 10 years of company growth.

In a country divided by politics and social issues, it has become more common for brands to take a stand or advertise their goodwill efforts. Chobani, which has always focused on wellness and nutrition, now finds itself among a sea of well-wishers but isn’t worried about standing out.

“With our brand relaunch, we’ve understood that the context of our mission is the idea of wellness,” said Maschmeyer. “This campaign isn’t meant to be something different for us, it’s meant to be a doubling down on what we believe to be incredibly important.”

The Chobani Foundation, for example, volunteers time and food to communities and organizations such as the Red Cross, food banks and the Special Olympics.

“I think at the end of the day what really distinguishes companies who want to stand for bigger social ideas is what they do, not so much what they say,” Maschmeyer explained. “What you say is a great way to begin, but what you do is ultimately going to be the thing that separates the talkers from doers and the thing that’s actually going to create the impact that these companies envision.”

A teaser campaign was launched a week prior to the activation that included digital display ads, video, social media and a sign-up portal on Chobani’s website. The company poured $40,000 into media buy that consisted of paid or organic social, TV, display ads, video ads, radio and more.

On average, 22 people sign up for Chobani’s email list each day. Once the teaser campaign launched, 50,000 signed up within a week. Video ads yielded a completion rate of around 70 percent across both organic and paid. Maschmeyer attributes this success to the art style of the spots, advanced audience targeting and brand recognition.

Through March 4, consumers can visit Chobani’s website to download a coupon, redeemable at retail, for a free yogurt. An Alexa skill allows consumers to redeem the coupon through Amazon Fresh and Prime Now.

Chobani has set a benchmark of 10 million cups given away between consumers and No Kid Hungry. Maschmeyer said the company has already experienced a 50 percent conversion rate on display ads and within two hours of the campaign’s launch, averaged 1,000 coupons printed per hour.

“The main thing we needed this campaign to do was to create social content for people to promote the One For All campaign online,” said Maschmeyer. “Everything we did was geared toward that so we made sure that there are lots of different ‘Instagram-able’ moments.”

In addition to a light display, the activation features a mirror with the hashtag #Chobani and silhouette billboards throughout.

“We’re not telling people to do stuff, but we’re making it really compelling for them to take photos and post them,” Maschmeyer added.

“This is the most integrated and ambitious campaign Chobani’s ever done,” said Maschmeyer. “It really is ambitious in the sense of being able to get all of these national retailers working together to bring this campaign to the doorsteps and the email inboxes of everyone in America.”

In November, Chobani redesigned its logo and packaging to mark the 10th anniversary of distributing its Greek Yogurt. The brand currently holds 20 percent of the US yogurt market, according to Nielsen. While the Grand Central activation will be the only one of its kind for Chobani’s One For All campaign, future campaigns are expected to include experiential marketing this year.

Image credit: Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Chobani