Famous for popular games like Cookie Jam (trailer featuring comedian Ken Jeong above), Panda Pop, and Juice Jam – all three listed as Best of 2015 games ­across iTunes and Google Play — SGN (which stands for Social Gaming Network) is looking to keep that incredible momentum going. It continues to expand with the recent acquisition of Fat Rascal Games and Kiwi studios, with the goal cranking even more hits in the coming years.

[a]listdaily talks to SGN Senior Vice President Brand Strategy & Marketing, Josh Brooks, to discuss what it will take to stay ahead in the ever-growing world of mobile gaming.

Josh Wall 0009How has mobile gaming changed in the past year  

The volume of gamers has continued to expand, as well as the demographics of those gamers. If multiple Super Bowl commercials for mobile games isn’t an indicator, then I don’t know what is. 

What is the key to having your games stand out against the competition  

Customers are highly critical of the nuances that games offer, and as a result, developers need to be receptive to the feedback given. We make the best possible games not only through our creativity, but by giving the consumers what they’ve asked for. If a level is too hard or too easy, if there’s a mechanic that no one likes, etc. Our games are fun to play and we provide a ton of content per title.

How do you think virtual reality technology will impact mobile gaming  

VR will take mobile gaming into a new stratosphere and is beyond exciting. Gameplay, game narrative and social interaction will be turned upside down as the experience is working on a new dimension. Hopefully someone figures out a way to not make me nauseous, though…

What are some of your marketing goals in the coming year  

2016 feels like a year where taking risks on acquisition techniques is going to be a must. The competitive landscape in mobile gaming is putting pressure on marketers to find customers where they haven’t done so before. SGN’s heavily populated network of gamers across multiple titles will be a significant asset to market and build awareness for our new slate of games. 

In what ways do you think mobile gaming will grow and change in the next year  

I think game developers and studios will need to be more mindful of the games they are creating and marketing outside of their own locales. Going global means paying attention to the cultural trends and buying habits across the globe, not just where they live. Similar to console games and even movies, we will continue to see the growth of mobile game franchises extending the breath of successful IP.