Mobile games have a way of generating a big success in a short amount of time, as proven by DomiNations and other releases on the market. But what exactly goes into pinpointing said success for a mobile game EEDAR has a few answers.

The company provided its latest gaming analysis report, which can be downloaded for free. In it, it breaks down what goes into the success of a mobile game, based on two general items – social tools and word of mouth.

“As acquisition costs rise, word of mouth and social in-game hooks are a must for success,” reads the report.

The first part breaks down features that gamers enjoy discussing, with controls that are easy to learn taking the top spot with 43 percent, followed by lots of content (41 percent) and gameplay that is challenging (40 percent). As for the bottom three components, they consist of long gameplay sessions (26 percent), short gameplay sessions (24 percent) and large community or good social features (21 percent).

Sharing plays a big part in getting the buzz around on a good mobile game as well. 38 percent of friends tell their friends about the game verbally, either in person or through social networks. Meanwhile, 29 percent go the extra mile and post a gameplay clip, so they can show them what they’re talking about. And 22 percent give the game an official rating on a storefront, either through the App Store or Google Play.

So what’s the big feature that becomes a huge selling point for mobile games EEDAR believes it’s being able to share gameplay clips. “More attention needs to be paid to building in functionality for sharing gameplay footage,” it explains. Game consoles these days have no problem doing that, as both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have the capability of recording live gameplay clips, which can be converted for either streaming or video posting via YouTube. Mobile games haven’t quite reached that ground yet, but some developers are certainly striving to.

Check out the full graphic from EEDAR below to get a better idea of percentiles, and don’t forget to check out the full report here.