Justice League unites DC superheroes Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and—if rumors prove true—Superman to save the planet as a team. As with all superhero movies, marketing efforts for the film highlight fight scenes and special effects, while placing extra emphasis on the idea of teamwork.

Riding high on the success of Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. spared no expense to close out its year of superhero movies in style, and brands jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Touting slogans like, “You Can’t Save the World Alone” and “All In,” Justice League marketing efforts present brand partners as valued members of the team.

Mercedes-Benz is not only featured in Justice League but in a behind-the-scenes featurette that explains how the legacy brand fits into a make-believe world of superheroes.

“In order for [audiences] to relate to this movie, we need to have things that we’re all familiar with, and who’s not familiar with Mercedes?” Actress Gal Gadot, who plays Diana Prince/Wonder Woman says in the promotional video. “I think it was a good choice.”

Gillette joined Warner Bros.’ team of sponsor super friends to create limited edition gift packs—each inspired by a different member of the Justice League. A commercial was produced that depicts the “Gillette Advanced Grooming Lab,” where researchers are hard at work creating shave solutions for each of the six Justice League members. The campaign’s slogan, “The Best A Superhero Can Get” is a play on the brand’s trademark “The Best A Man Can Get,” and the company released a set of razor handles sporting each hero’s logo.

A free mobile experience called Justice League VR: Join the League Gillette Edition was also introduced to help get fans excited and immerse themselves in the world. Available for iOS and Android, smartphone users can assume the roles of each superhero and use their abilities to accomplish missions ranging from defusing a bomb as The Flash to battling a sea creature as Aquaman.

Of course, there would be no Justice League without the comic books that begat them. DC Comics and Warner Bros. joined forces with AT&T to provide first looks at the upcoming film and experiential marketing throughout the country.

During a limited engagement in October, fans could visit the AT&T store in New York City’s Times Square to meet comic book writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee, who were signing copies of Justice League Volume 1: Origin.

The experience included displays of props and costumes, including the Batmobile and Bruce Wayne’s Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. VR experiences were also available for hands-on demonstrations. The costumes, props and VR experience will continue to be featured at select AT&T stores across the US through January.

DC also partnered with General Mills to produce specially-marked boxes of breakfast cereals. Each box depicts cereal mascots dressed as a superhero and includes one of four original comic books featuring Justice League characters. When collected, all five boxes become a Justice League mural.

Fans were invited to “unite their league” through Facebook, with exclusive Justice League stickers and masks. The cast of the film even tried them out.

Once reserved only for the elite and the lucky, it has become common practice to livestream movie premieres over social media. Justice League is no exception. Over 55,500 fans tuned in live on Twitter to watch the big event unfold with interviews with movie stars on the red carpet.

Warner Bros.’ Justice League has already brought in $8.5 million outside the US and is expected to bring in $110 million in US theaters this weekend.