Lots of video game movie news (thanks, Comic-Con), so let s take a quick look at a few of the choicest cinematic stories you really should know.

Gears of War movie coming out, and director Len Wiseman doesn’t want Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (star of Doom) attached to the movie, at all.  [IGN]

Dead Space movie coming out with the director behind Eagle Eye.  Shia LaBeouf not attached…yet.  [Variety]

A jaded Neill Blomkamp (director of the upcoming District 9) probably wouldn’t do Halo if offered, mainly because of all the work he did on a first pass that never took.  [Slashfilm]

The next Resident Evil will be in 3D, directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, and will kick off a new trilogy of movies.  Because you can’t get enough of Milla Jovovich kicking ass.  [STYD]