Nielsen recently conducted a survey taking a look at this and last generation console hardware, and it has some interesting news for how popular these systems are once they get into people’s homes.

IndustryGamers reports: {link no longer active}

June data indicated that Xbox 360 is the most active console, with a 6-month trend showing Xbox 360 with the highest active users. Trailing the pack by a good margin in terms of active users is Nintendo’s Wii, which is even trailing its predecessor, the GameCube.

For a company that was on the brink of death just a couple of years ago, it s been a remarkable turnaround.  However, this Nielsen data may be proof positive that Nintendo’s machine is indeed a fad, and may not have the staying power needed to stay on top.

Nintendo has been absolutely genius in the way it markets its games, from general audience games like Wii Sports Resort to games for women and non-traditional audiences like Wii Fit.  Marketing the Wii as an anyone can play system has been instrumental to its success, but now the challenge will be to have an answer to an increasing number of consumers asking, what now