Food keeps getting faster with the help of delivery services, and Jack in the Box wants to make sure no craving is left unserved.

Thanks to a partnership with DoorDash, the entire Jack in the Box menu is now available from more than 830 locations across 229 US cities as late at 1 a.m. (and 3 a.m. in select locations). The restaurant’s latest marketing campaign, “If You Crave It, We Serve It,” features Jack, a dedicated crew and the “ultimate crave-crashing vehicle” in the Crave Van.

“We want to bring Jack in the Box customers the best experience possible anytime, anywhere,” Jen Kennedy, director of product marketing at Jack in the Box, told [a]listdaily. “Delivery is a big part of that. With on-demand delivery now a major player in the food service industry, we want to make sure we are keeping up with consumer demands. We are excited to partner with DoorDash for this expansion, and we hope our customers will appreciate the accessibility we’re now able to provide to help crash their cravings.”

Everyone’s had that moment when they turned to someone and said, “You know what I could go for right now . . . ?” #CraveVan answers the call with humor, and food. Jack in the Box utilizes humor in many of its campaigns, although the company wouldn’t elaborate on its target audience.

“Jack in the Box seeks to reach a mosaic of consumers that crosses demographic groups but share a mindset and motivations about what they eat,” Adrienne Ingoldt, director of marketing communications at Jack in the Box, told [a]listdaily. “They celebrate adventure and variety in many aspects of their lives, including their food.

“The humorous campaign reinforces the brand’s new platform by highlighting its reputation for having a menu with unique and unexpected products available around the clock. The campaign incorporates this brand truth—delivering on customers’ cravings no matter what they are and when the craving strikes—into a series of funny situations that show just how far Jack is willing to go to give customers what they want.”

While cravings, in general, may be targeted at anyone who’s hungry, a new spot aimed specifically to gamers will air in select markets April 3. The actual Crave Van may soon be hitting the streets, according to hints made by the restaurant.

Jack in the Box is one of many restaurants taking advantage of the growing food delivery market, expanding its customer base while saving overhead associated with restaurant dining rooms. The NPD Group predicts that off-premise food service will outpace overall restaurant industry traffic growth over the next decade.

“If delivery fits a restaurant operator’s business model and is operationally feasible, now’s the time to consider adding it as an option for customers,” the analyst firm stated alongside its January findings. “It’s one way to stay competitive in a changing foodservice market.”